Chrome Extension Update v0.3

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Woohoo, your Thieve Chrome Extension was just updated!

Our first few versions of the Thieve Chrome Extension helped you follow the latest updates on Thieve. This update is focused on making AliExpress easier, safer and faster to use. Check out the details below, or try out the new tool bar on an AliExpress Product   thieve-ali-tools

Infinite Scroll

One of the pains on is the lack of infinite scroll! Having to click "next page" a dozen times really slows things down. Install the Thieve Chrome extension and you'll be able to scroll for days. It works on search results, categories and shop pages, basically anywhere there are lists of products. infinite    

Quality Indicator

There are over 200 million products on AliExpress, and knowing which ones are lemons and which ones aren't can be hard. Especially when the reviews are rigged or non existent. We've combined the product reviews with the seller scores to give you a quick trust factor at a glance. Green light means go, orange and you should do some research, and red you should avoid! screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-4-23-28-pm  

Related Products Combo Search

Whatever product you're looking at you know there's 100's of other similar ones on AliExpress. So to quickly compare and find the best alternative to something you want to buy is super important. The lightening fast Thieve Combo Search helps you find related products in a snap. Bring up some alternatives simply by clicking on the suggested keywords from the product you're looking at. related-search  

Watch Video Reviews

The ultimate level of trust is seeing a review on the product. YouTube is loaded with these but searching for them is way to much effort. When you first go to a product on AliExpress it will check if there are any reviews for that specific product listing. Then after that you can use the combo search to find any related reviews. The watch the video inline without ever having to leave AliExpress. video-search  

Random Product

When you just don't know what to buy, click the random product icon and be taken to a random featured product from Thieve. screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-4-41-14-pm  

Thieve Latest Drops

We've improved the latest drops feed from Thieve, the images we're loading super slow, we've made them snappy! Just click the icon in the top right corner and see whats new on Thieve. thieve-popup   If you haven't got the extension yet, you can grab it here: If you do, leave us some positive feedback in the chrome store :)   Cheers! Thieve Team