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Let’s be honest, we’re all counting down the days until the end of the year. So to keep your spirits high we have crafted a collection of our finest hemisphere neutral finds to make the most of the holiday season. Check em out.

1. Large Canvas Duffle Bag

The perfect weekend workhorse. Big enough to fit the essentials and compact enough not to tie you down. This luxurious large capacity duffle is our key item for this holiday season.  

2. Portable Manual Espresso Maker

There is nothing more essential than getting a good cup of joe when you are on the road. This trusty little device will give you a perfect shot every time, without the need for power or a fancy moustached barista.  

3. Collapsible LED Lantern

Where we're going, we don't need lights... we brought our own. This handy space saver has 3 different light modes: lantern, desk light and flashlight all in one. Essential.  

4. Multifunction Waterproof Travel Backpack

Protect your precious items with this padlocked, waterproof, charger friendly backpack. It's smart design fits your laptop, camera, tablet, notebook and lenses. What else do you need?
May Not Be Available

5. Solar Powered Portable Phone Charger

Did someone say charger friendly? Well we've got the charger for you. Sleek design, 2x USB outputs, rechargeable by the SUN!, and only weighs 230grams. Stay connected with this amazing portable charger.
May Not Be Available

6. Charcoal Travel Toothbrush

Can I borrow you toothbrush after you... Said no one ever! Travel prepared with this activated charcoal toothbrush. Scrub your chompers, then fold it up and stash it when you're done. Essential.

7. 180 Piece First Aid Survival Kit

180 pieces. You can do a lot of fixing with 180 pieces. Saline, bandages, wraps and gauze. Keep mum happy that you've got all your bases covered with this essential First Aid Survival Kit.
Picnic Set

8. Picnic Set

Set up shop anywhere with this handy picnic backpack. Tramping up a hill? No worries. In the middle of nowhere? Easy. Romantic surprise? You bet. Comes filled with all the essentials so you are feast ready.

9. Woven Tapestry Blanket

Don't be fooled, this is not just any old (good-looking) ordinary blanket. It is a make-shift tent, tablecloth, towel, skirt/dress, picnic blanket, burrito sleeping bag, pick up line & duvet. This swiss army knife of blankets is a must on your next holiday.
Outdoor Basketball

10. Outdoor Basketball

Last but not least, an all weather, outdoor basketball. Perfect for waiting at the gas station, a pick-up game with new friends, or even as pillow while you watch the stars. Stop thinking about it and click, you won't regret it.