Aluminium 4-Port USB Hub Review

May Not Be Available

This 4 port USB hub is designed to fit inconspicuously in the mac range of products. It’s sleek brushed aluminium finish and white details certainly don't feel out of place amongst apple counterparts. The Hub has a good weight to it that keeps it in place although it is a little on the light side and can slide around a bit. Although it does have a soft foam bottom which minimises this. The brushed aluminium has a nice finish although there are a few little inconsistencies if you look closely. The cable is pretty standard and the plug has text embossed on it. The end caps are a bit odd as they have quite significant concentric circle ridges on them but these aren't obvious at an angle. One thing to note is the cable is quite short, it only just fits into an iMac with a bit of stretching in order to sit flat on the table. It would be suitable for a laptop though. The USB slots work fine and are standard USB 2.0 speed however the slots are a bit tight with some USB sticks and require a bit of wriggling.