Black and Gold Watch Review

Black and Gold - you can't go wrong. With an elegant face and a sleek strap, this might just be the coolest watch on Thieve. Beware, the 3 piece adjustments are just for show - i.e. 2 of the things don't actually do anything. Do not despair, you can still adjust the Date and Time. It feels relatively sturdy and the PU leather strap looks like it'll do it's time. It will arrive in a cheap plastic sleeve as shown. Who needs a box anyway. It's mid-size, looks dope and we'd argue that it's the kinda thing you could wear to an interview or an all-night rave. The best thing is that it isn't too big - it's bigger than a Casio but smaller than your gangsta watch that you don't wear anymore. For $10 you are getting a sweet deal.