Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Head Set Review

Google Cardboard is so good that everyone that tries it is transfixed in seconds. For those of you who don't know - it uses your smartphone to project the viewer into a virtual world with the Cardboard App. It comes as a flat pack and even a six year-old could put it together. Once it's constructed you're ready to transport yourself to the Eiffel Tower, the American Museum of Natural History and many other locations. This headset works perfectly with the app and the Cardboard/Velcro construction means is super light and easy to transport around. Designed to fit most phones, it comes with a fair amount of leeway to make sure that all screen sizes fit. The NEC tag syncs your Android phone with the specifications of the headset so that you're ready to go in seconds. Apple users - you need to go into settings and make a simple change. We used it primarily with the iPhone 6 and with the elastic head-strap, it's a match made in heaven. Quick tip - We've added the rubber band in to keep everything tight.