Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

May Not Be Available

This thing is impressive. Whilst being small enough to sling into your backpack or picnic hamper, this speaker does more than enough to satisfy the ears of music lovers. Once you've connected via Bluetooth or Aux, the simple controls and easy charging will have you bobbing your head in no time. Despite being in Chinese, anyone can pick this up and get it going. Flick the on switch, pair with your phone (super easy) and you're away. We had no connection issues whatsoever with the iOS devices. The speaker is fairly heavy for it's size and feels robust - the grippy pads on the bottom reinforce this, giving you the confidence to leave it on any surface. We weren't sure on the function of the textured speaker surface, but it looks cool so who cares. Only downside is that the volume controls aren't that intuitive (you have to long press to adjust sound output) which means it takes some practice to get the perfect volume. For the price this really is a fantastic speaker. Whilst it doesn't pack the same sort of bass as a UE Boom might, it's clarity in the mids and highs were surprisingly good.