Minimal Denmark Dress Watch Review

May Not Be Available

Watches are something that AliExpress does exceptionally well and this one is a prime example of that. This watch is all white and the face is completely minimalist - it doesn't have hour marks;  only the minute and hour hands sit on the perfectly clear white face. The brown of the strap matches the white of the face and it is a great mid-size that sits lightly on the wrist. The strap, despite almost certainly not being genuine leather, feels well put together and has lots of adjustment. It's fairly stiff straight out of the box but that is to be expected for a brand new watch. It arrives in a plastic sleeve with a face-protector and battery. Setting the time was easy and the ticking was very quiet. This is undoubtedly a steal. It looks great, feels good to wear and for the price, you can't go wrong.