Minimalist Alloy Laptop Riser Review

May Not Be Available

This stand raises the height and angle of you laptop, making for a far more pleasant experience when typing and browsing. It's the exact same colour as Macbooks, so the two together are a match made in heaven. The Macbook will fit completely flush with the stand, without causing any scratching or damage due to the protective rubber patches. It sits firmly on the table and won't move unless you want it to. It's beautifully designed and it'll look awesome on any desk. There a hole at the back that can be used to keep cords tidy. It arrives in a sweet box that opens with a satisfying pull of the top segment. The box and the product are very aesthetically pleasing and it looks as though it should be far more expensive. This stand will make your desk look cooler and improve your sitting position when working on your laptop. Win-Win!