Portable Usb Power Bank Review

May Not Be Available

Thank goodness for these. How many times per week do you run out of charge and almost keel over? Yeah. All sorted with one of these and a little bit of forward thinking. This is a true plug and play product. Charges right of the the box - when it dies, plug it in via USB to bring her back to life by simply flipping the cable around. This comes with an android cable, but will charge Apple phones with the apple cable. Beware however, if you're an apple user, you'll need both the charger cable AND the apple cable in order to keep this new relationship from hitting the rocks (Apple cable can't charge the charger). Super light and comes with a keychain/lanyard adapter thing so you don't forget it. Charges a phone up 1.4x. Amazing for travelling. Your future self will thank you for grabbing one of these when your phone hits 2% and you're in the middle of nowhere.