Square Frame Men's Sunglasses Review

May Not Be Available

The build quality of these glasses is great, they feel like they will last a while. The matte finish is really nice and consistent, they feel great to hold and are smooth to put on and take off. It also means there aren’t any issues with sweat and discomfort. They fit nicely on the face, not too high or low. The arms are quite flexible and fit a variety of face sizes without feeling like they are at risk of breaking. They also have a  little silver skull detail on the arms. The lenses are very clear and do a good job of blocking out the sun without blurring vision. They aren't polarised but are surprisingly clear to look through with a nice neutral colour tone. The arms are a little thin so as much as they don't feel like they will break, they probably won't outlast a more expensive pair but at this price they're certainly easily replaceable!