Stainless Steel USB Car Charger Review

May Not Be Available

This stainless steel USB car charger is both practical and eye catching, the perfect addition to any car. A lot of USB car chargers look and feel cheap and detract from the sleek look of a modern dash. This charger fits seamlessly into the design of a modern car. The charger has a great weight to it, it feels incredibly sturdy and well built. It fits well in the cigarette lighter of the car without the need for springs to hold in place. It really is the evolution of a common USB charger. Both USB ports work great and charge an iPhone or other electronic device properly. Having 2 USB ports adds extra capability without taking extra space. The charger sits relatively flush, only about 1cm protrudes from the cigarette lighter meaning it isn't easy to knock or break. The sturdiness also means it can take any knocks that might occur. This USB charger is a sleek, practical update for any vehicle.