Telescopic GoPro Pole Review

May Not Be Available

This extension pole is a great accessory for a GoPro camera giving you extra reach for filming both yourself and others. The pole extends to about 50 cm and tightens by twisting which results in an impressively solid extension for your camera. Although the pole isn't as long as expected it has proven to be an excellent length for filming and gives you peace of mind that the camera isn't too far out of reach. The rubberised, textured hand grip at the end of the pole has a great feel that provides adequate grip in all conditions and the wrist strap is comfortable and strong giving extra safety. Over time the tightening does get a little loose which is a slight flaw of the twist mechanism but is still strong once properly tightened. This pole isn’t great for water use as water can get in between the joins and is difficult to clean out but as it is well made it is likely to last a long time under the strenuous uses of an action camera.