Magic Logo Removal

Remove logos and split items from clearcut images into seperate images ready for download.

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How the Magic Logo Removal tool works

Magic Logo Removal takes any image uploaded by you, scans and analyses the image to identify unique elements and then seperated these into individual, downloadable images.

⛔️ Remove Logos

Often publicly accessible product images will have baked in watermarks and logos that may interfere with a clean product listing. Using this tool is the quickest, simplest way to remove unsightly watermarks.

✂️ Split items into seperate images

A seller will often group multiple product images together and you may want to break these out into individual product images to use in your listing. This tool super simply splits these for you to easily download.

⚪️ TIP: Works best with white background

This tool is designed to work best with clearcut images or those with a solid white background. You’ll find these kind of images work seamlessly and deliver the best results.

🌌 TIP: Clear space between items

Items must be clearly seperated by white space in order for the tool to identify them as seperate and split them into individual images. Results can vary depending on image quality.

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