Thieve Magic Logo Removal

Clean up supplier images, without touching photoshop.

Remove logos and split items from clearcut images into seperate images ready for download.

Drop a white background image here to remove logos:

Drag here to upload
or upload

Remove logos & split items for perfect product galleries.

Remove Logos
Get rid of pesky watermarks and logos in an instant.
Often publicly accessible product images will have baked in watermarks and logos that may interfere with a clean product listing. Using this tool is the quickest, simplest way to remove unsightly watermarks.
Split Images
Split up individuals items for better galleries.
A seller will often group multiple product images together and you may want to break these out into individual product images to use in your listing. This tool super simply splits these for you to easily download.

How it works

  1. Drop or upload any image

    Thieve AliExpress Magic Logo Removal lets you use any image you want, as long as it has a white background. Simply upload from your device and let the tool do the rest.

  2. Tool scans and splits images

    The tool will analyze your image, remove any obvious logos/text, identify all of the individual items it can find and then split these into individual images.

  3. Download the results you want

    Quickly and easily download the resulting split and logo removed images.

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