About Thieve

Thieve is a curated list of products you can buy direct from AliExpress.com

AliExpress is China's largest direct buying portal.
Buying direct from manufacturers is awesome. Buying cool stuff direct from manufacturers is even better.

Curated by creatives

Thieve products are hand selected by a group of awesome creatives around the world, bloggers, photographers, designers and heaps more. Thieve lets you skip the search and get straight to buying the good stuff!

Why buy from manufacturers?

By the time a product arrives at retail, a number of costs and price margins have been added. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can cut out all the middle men and most products have free shipping anywhere in the world!

What’s AliExpress all about?

AliExpress is the retail side of the internet's largest wholesale dealer - Alibaba. It allows wholesale manufacturers to sell products direct to consumers all over the world. Because of the enormous economies of scale in production, along with the savings in middleman costs, these products are much cheaper than what you would pay in store.

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