Thieve AliExpress Browser Extension

Find suppliers for any product on the internet.

Go to any product page.*
We detect product pages on supported stores.
Click Find Suppliers.
Click the find suppliers link at the bottom of the page.
Find the best sellers.
Sort by price and ratings to find the cheapest and most trustworthy supplier.
*We currently support Shopify and AliExpress stores and will add more soon.
Supported stores

How it works

On any supported product page, look for the ‘Find Suppliers’ button and click it to search for similar suppliers on AliExpress.

Example Find Suppliers Button

Thieve Extension Image Search

AliExpress Image Search Anywhere on the web.

Right click and search from any image on the web to see matching products on AliExpress.


User Review Images

Quickly browse user review images.

Quickly browse real user product review images in the product box. Zoom any image for quick full size detail shots.


AliExpress Product Scores

See how trustworthy a product is at a glance.

We score every product based on supplier and product scores to give you an instant trust score, saving you from buying bad products.


Infinite Scroll AliExpress

Browse faster with infinite scroll on search results.

We instantly load the next pages products at the bottom of the page so you don’t have to click and wait for the next page to load.


Thieve Toolbar Feed

Check the latest Thieve drops from your toolbar.

Quickly check latest products from Thieve right in your toolbar. Get notified when new products drop so you don’t miss anything.


Find, sell & dropship made easier in just a few clicks. Completely free & unlimited uses!