AliExpress Reverse Image Search

Search AliExpress using any image to quickly find the perfect direct from factory supplier


Right click to image search in Chrome with the Thieve Chrome Extension.

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How the Image Search works

Thieve AliExpress Image Search takes any image on the internet or uploaded by you, scans and analyses the image & product traits. It then searches all of AliExpress to find visually releated products.

The reults are the most relevant matching AliExpress products that you can sort through to find similar products on AliExpress.

πŸ›’ Find products on AliExpress

Ever looked at something online or that you own IRL and wondered if it also exists on AliExpress direct from factory? So had we, so we built this tool to help reverse image search AliExpress without having to trawl through super irrelevant search results in seemingly random categories.

πŸŽ› Sort & Filter Results

You can sort results by orders or relevancy, toggle irrelvant images off to improve results or filter by product reviews & orders. We also recently added the ability to filter by Ships From giving you greater ability to find dropshipping supplier for you niche location. For instance, filter by products that ship from US warehouses to find suppliers with fast shipping to America.

πŸ€” Why did we make this tool?

AliExpress lets you search by images on your phone within the app but this can be an absolute drag when you’re browsing on your laptop so we built an alternative that lets you search for any product image on AliExpress, right from where you are. No more need for awkward work arounds and switching from desktop to mobile and back again. Also we wanted it, cause it makes curating a hundred times easier πŸ˜‰.

πŸ’Ž Can I use this for Thieve Products?

Yes! You can search any image on this page. Download a Thieve product image and drop it here to search.