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Dainty jewelry are the up and coming trend that can make an outfit chic.

Shoppers are looking for trendy, fashionable, and functional pieces that not only help them look their best - but also look great on display on a vanity.

From rings to necklaces, here's an amazing curated list of trendy products that will help jewelry lovers elevate their looks.

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  • Google Trends: Dainty jewelry and accessories are on the rise.
  • Timing: Popular jewelry trends are becoming more widespread through social media and influencers.
  • Influencers: @thediamondsgirl, @katerina_perez , @gemologue
  • Interesting statistics: In the USA alone, the jewelry industry is expected to grow to a whopping $52 billion by 2025. 





The female gender segment accounts for more than half of the share in the total costume jewelry market. It is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.60%. However, that means there is still less than half of the men demographic who purchase this product and should utilize this niche. In terms of regional insights, the Middle East and Africa are expected to witness significant growth. Furthermore, Jewelry designs in UAE and Saudi Arabia are unique and world-famous, thus, they are expected to increase the market growth in this region.



Audience challenges


Audiences are looking for aesthetically appealing pieces at affordable prices. The newest trend is dainty good quality jewelry, especially for pieces that are gold-coated as they offer a luxurious feel and appearance.


While young-middle women aged are interested in jewelry, the largest demographic for dainty costume jewelry is young women. 


Additionally, the market is very trend-driven. For example, the famous Amazon gold hoop earrings have been made popular by social media trends like Tiktok. Keep a close watch on social media to know what products are doing well. 





The keyword Rings averages 1M monthly searches and is a high competition keyword. The cost per click ranges between $0.74-4.26 USD. 


Necklaces also see an average of 450K searches a month. It’s a high competition keyword and the cost per click is between $0.61-1.83 USD. Other successful keywords include Name Necklace, a high competition keyword with an average of 300,000 monthly searches and a cost per click between $0.76-1.94 USD.





Competitors include Amazon, Pandora, Evry Jewels, Mejuri more. You’ll also be competing with department stores such as Macy’s, Hudson’s Bay, and Nordstrom. 


For lower price points, Walmart and Target are successful in selling jewelry and accessories. 


You will also be competing with hosts of online stores. 


First, identifying your desired price point and demographic will be helpful in creating advertisements. You can then identify the main competitors and look to their ads for inspiration. If you are aiming to attract buyers at a higher price point, have a look at Mejuri’s ads. 





Trends in jewelry are influenced greatly by social media and influencers. Beauty influencers on YouTube have been successful for years, and they influence purchases by promoting products. 


It’s a good idea to watch influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok to have a look at what they’re promoting. 


New trends that have just started popping up include gold rings, ring stacking, layering gold necklaces, name necklaces, and especially 90s inspired pieces. 






Costs: $1-15 USD

Average sale price: $16-28 USD

Margins: 46-93%

Size of market: 100-150M

Saturation: Competitive

Purchase cycle: Repeat buyer



Costs: $3-20 USD

Average sale price: $20-45 USD

Margins: 56-85%

Size of market: 100-150M

Saturation: Competitive

Purchase cycle: Repeat buyer





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Product considerations


  • Product quality is of the utmost importance.
  • Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight of the products shipped - some products might be a bit heavier than others. Where these products are varied, weights will differ, sometimes greatly. Larger products will be more expensive. We also recommend looking at current COVID measures for international shipping.
  • Tons of suppliers available to pick from on Aliexpress or Amazon, make sure they have the supply & the product quality for your project.



Product decision matrix

  • How good is the cost compared to other suppliers?
  • Is the quality up to par with shoppers’ expectations?
  • Do you have access to quality creative to present the brand?
  • What does your brand offer better to compete with other brands? Cost, brand image, variety of products, new colours, new features, etc.

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