4 Grid Stationery Shelf
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An ideal way to organize your stationery, without taking up too much desk room. This stationery shelf is built high rather than wide, which is space-efficient and practical. It beats having jars filled with stationery scattered across your desk that can be easily knocked over. Each lightweight shelf has 4 grids, so you can organize your stationery into categories. The slanted grids mean you can quickly grab what you need, without having to pour everything out of a stationery holder to reach the one hiding at the bottom. Made of natural wheat straw plastic, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is eco-friendly. Available in many different colors so you can choose one uniform color or creatively mix and match.

Size: 52x91x204mm. Each grid is 118mm deep.

  • Made of wheat straw plastic.
  • 4 grids per shelf, each 118mm deep.
  • Each shelf is 52x91x204mm.
  • Space-efficient and practical.
  • Available in many different colors.
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