Automatic Bubble Blaster
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Take your bubble game to a whole new level with this automatic bubble blaster.

Offering hours of fun, both alone and with friends, this lightweight bubble blaster is great for kids and adults alike.

Powered by a lithium battery with 69 bubbles holes and an inbuilt fan, it can blow large streams of bubbles at the touch of a button. Just dip the nozzles of the blaster into your tray of bubbles and pull the trigger.

Check out the range of colour options available and head out to your back yard to fill the air with thousands of beautiful bubbles.

  • 64-hole gatling gun
  • Material: ABS
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Size: 42.5x27.4x13cm
  • Includes: screwdriver, lithium battery, charging cable, strap & bubble tray
  • Multiple colours available
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