Camping Waterproof Collapsible Bucket
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This waterproof collapsible bucket is a camping essential. This waterproof bucket is so versatile and can be used as a skink for washing plates and cooking utensils or for cleaning produce, as a storage container for blankets and pillows, or as a drinks bucket to keep your beverages cold. It is the ultimate camping bucket because it is collapsable, so it wont take up room in the car when transporting it, or in a tent when it is not being used!

This camping bucket is available in two sizes (10L or 20L), and two colours, army green or brown. It is super easy to collapse and pop up again, and has handles for easy carrying when it is in use. This bucket would make an awesome gift for your friends and family who love the outdoors as everyone will get so much use out of it.

  • So many uses for this one bucket
  • Army green and brown colour options
  • Easy to collapse and pop back up
  • Available in 10L or 20L
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