Charcoal Smoker Grill
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If you like to grill your meat over slow heat and are looking for better sear and intense flavour, this charcoal smoker grill is the right companion for you. This portable grill has two layers to allow for double roasting and has a large capacity of about 115L - perfect for that roast chicken you've been planning to make. Use the top cooking grid for or the multipurpose hooks under the dome lid for indirect cooking heat and smoking. It also comes with a high-grade thermometer and an air vent to regulate the temperature and air flow, ensuring consistent results each time. Built for the BBQ aficionados and home cooks in mind, this can make the next family feast way more exciting.

  • W22in. x H35in. x D17in.
  • Made of steel metal
  • 453sq. in. of cooking space
  • Hanging hooks under the lid
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