Checkerboard Knit Tote
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There's something so chic and vintage-inspired about this Checkerboard Knit Tote. It's made of wool and polyester, so it'll keep you warm on those chilly days. And the plaid pattern means it'll go with just about everything you own. You can use it as a purse or as a tote bag, and either way it's perfect for any occasion. This knitted tote boasts an old-school checkerboard pattern, making it perfect for carrying all your work essentials, your laptop, and your lunch to the office. It's stylish but practical, just like you!

  • 23cm x 28 bag size, 18cm x 6cm strap size.
  • Comes in several aesthetic color options.
  • Constructed of wool and polyester.
  • Perfect size for carrying your everyday essentials.
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