Decorative Bluetooth Speaker Side Table
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Classically designed, this wireless charging bluetooth speaker side table has a reasonable height and an uncomplicated shape. It allows you to fit it right next to your living room couch, bed, or home workstation or office space. The shell is made of wood for practical table top use, and the body has a cotton thread covering for a very minimal and integrated design.

Never have to worry about finding a charger on the bedside again: Just leave your phone on top of the marked charging area on the table for quick wireless charging, and there's an external USB port as well for other phone models that don't have wireless charging capability. It is a multipurpose home device as it can also play music or podcasts through its Bluetooth stereo speakers. Truly designed for practicality and convenience, this table is a great investment for any space in your home.

  • Wireless and USB Charging Technology
  • Weighs 5.5kg
  • 365mm x 80mm x 580mm
  • Built-in Bluetooth full range stereo speakers
  • Plays on loop for up to 8 hours
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Cotton thread cover
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