Doorway Chin Up Bar
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For those who can't make it to the gym, but still want to work on their strength. Made using a high-quality, tough steel pipe and steel buckles, this chin-up bar can bear up to 100kg. The automatic buffer decompression ensures that if the weight is exceeded, the device automatically cushions and decompresses as to not harm the walls. Made with high durability, non-slip mats which attach the horizontal chin-up bar to your wall. The non-slip hand mat is comfortable and helps you retain a strong grip. Two sizes are available, 72cm and 94cm. Both sizes have adjustable lengths, with the 72cm size adjusting from 72-94cm, and the 94cm size capable of measuring 94-124cm. Easy to dissemble and easy to install, simply rotate the rod body, extend the two ends to fit between the walls, then secure the metal buckles on either side by following the user manual. 

  • Made using a high-quality steel pipe, and steel buckles.
  • Can bear up to 100kg.
  • Two sizes available.
  • Lengths are adjustable.
  • Easy to install and dissemble.
  • Automatic decompression if weight is exceeded.
  • Non-slip hand grip.
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