Dual Wireless Mag Charge Stand
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Everybody loves a wireless charger stand and rightfully so - how else can you conveniently charge your device while watching Netflix on your iPhone? If you're going to invest in one, make it this dual wireless mag charge stand.

A wireless charger and phone stand in one, it's compatible with most smartphone models and wireless earphones. It can be adjusted vertically by about 20° to suit your needs, and your phone will stay securely in place thanks to its high-intensity magnetic cores. You also don't need to worry about overcurrent, overvoltage and other potential risks as it's built to protect your devices from these - massive value for an affordable price.

  • Full rotation and ~20° vertical adjustment
  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • Compatible with most smartphones and wireless earphones
  • Double ferrite ring
  • Weighs about 270g
  • 1m cable length
  • Silicone non-slip pad
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