Gold Peaks Brooch
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A brooch that resembles a snowy mountain in winter. Made of zinc alloy and designed as a white mountain with gold detailing - at the peak and to outline the trees. The design is, therefore, very intricate and detailed. The white and gold colors are soft, so the brooch won't draw too much attention or overpower your bag or outfit. In addition to the gold detailing, the gold underside and gold butterfly closure add to the classy look. Extremely lightweight, weighing only 2 grams, the brooch won't weigh your clothing down. Simply push the pin through clothing or an accessory, then secure by placing the butterfly closure onto the pin.

Size: 1.9x1.4cm. 

  • Made using zinc alloy.
  • White with gold detailing.
  • Gold underside.
  • Secures via a butterfly closure.
  • Size: 1.9x1.4cm.
  • Weighs 2 grams.
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