Hex Foldable Bike Lock
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Sturdy, durable and functional, this hexagon shaped foldable bike lock is designed to keep your bike securely locked without the fear of someone trying to steal, break or cut away your lock to access your bike.

Easy to carry, this compact folding lock fits most bikes, it only weights 575g so is easy to carry and features special rivets that make folding up easy.

Conveniently, this foldable bike lock also includes a bike mount so you can secure your lock to your seat in case you need it on your next ride.

Insert the key into the lock cylinder, turn 180° and the cylinder will pop out indicating it has been unlocked, turn the key 180° anticlockwise to remove the key and pull on the orange tab of the bike lock to unfold it out, secure your bike and thread the orange tab back into the lock, and finally, press the cylinder back in to lock up.

  • Zinc alloy, alloy steel + ABS material.
  • 7.5x6.6x5.5cm size.
  • 78cm length (unfolded).
  • Includes lock, bike mount & 3x keys.
  • 575g weight.
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