Insulated French Press Coffee Brewer
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If you love a full-bodied cup of coffee everyday without buying expensive gear or going to a cafe, this insulated French press is made just for you.

It features a double-wall insulated body to keep your drink warm and can brew about 2 small cups of coffee. Built with high-density stainless steel filter for full flavour and without coffee grounds accidentally seeping into your drink.

Portable and compact in size, it also has a matte outer coating that provides a good grip when you're carrying it from the kitchen counter to your work desk. Modern and sleek in design, it's a gorgeous choice coffee plunger that's perfect for your home or at work.

  • High-density stainless steel filter
  • 950ml liquid capacity
  • Double-wall insulated body with matte outer coating
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
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