Mini Toothbrush Stand
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For those fans of bamboo toothbrushes out there, you understand the importance of where and how you store it: A moist wooden brush can easily become a playground for mould. Unless you're using a wall mounted wall, your toothbrush would need additional care and maintenance.

This mini toothbrush stand is designed to do just that. It holds your toothbrush loosely upright so it can let excess moisture from the handle to drain properly, while also completely air drying the bristles.

Not just a toothbrush stand, it's also a multipurpose item for the home as it can also be used to hold candlesticks or small floral bouquets.

  • Made of diatomite and clay
  • 3.5cm x 4.5 cm
  • Multipurpose stand
  • Weighs about 60g
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