Mixcder E9 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
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Featuring large, 40mm, ergonomic ear cups, and robust noise-cancelling technology. These headphones are great at blocking out external noises, so they are ideal for use at work or in the gym. Built with rechargeable batteries that support 30 hours of playtime after charging for 1 hour when active noise cancellation is turned on, and an even longer playtime when active noise cancellation is off. Operates via Bluetooth 5.0, which connects quickly and has minimal latency, with a connecting distance of up to 10 meters. Or, if you prefer wired use, simply plug the 3.5mm audio cable into the headphones, and it will switch to wired mode. The large drivers deliver high-frequency and deep bass. Easily adjust the volume by using the buttons on the earpieces. The design is foldable and ergonomic, and included is a carry case - all to ensure easy portability when on-the-go. Included in your purchase are the headphones, the 3.5mm audio cable, a micro USB cable for charging, a compact carry case, aeroplane adapter, and a user manual. 

  • Large, 40mm ear cups.
  • Noise-cancelling.
  • Operates via Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Foldable design.
  • 1 hour charging gives 30hrs play time.
  • High-frequency and deep bass.
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