Moroccan Boho Tassle Throw Pillows
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High-quality, handmade cushions with Boho vibes, that will add color and texture to your home decor. These cushion covers are made of polyester and cotton and open by a zip. The front designs are hand-stitched using cotton thread, also used for the colorful tassels that add dimension and character. The backs of the cushions are a solid color with no stitching. There are several to choose from - so you can mix and match the different designs, that still look uniform when placed together. Two sizes are available: squares (45x45cm), as well as rectangles (30x50cm) or (35x45cm).

  • Squared and rectangular shapes available.
  • Made of polyester and cotton.
  • Zipped opening.
  • Hand-stitched design, using cotton thread.
  • Colorful cotton tassels.
  • Several designs to choose from.
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