Multi Electric Screwdriver
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A definite upgrade from the traditional manual screwdriver. This electronic screwdriver makes building a breeze - allowing you to electronically drive screws in and out. However, if you prefer the classic manual use, the screwdriver can switch to manual mode at any time. The built in1500mah lithium battery means more than 180 screws can be driven when fully charged. Full charging takes less than 150 minutes, and the voltage is rated 3.6V.

The screwdriver has gears for driving backwards and forwards - press the 'R' button to screw in forward, and the 'L' button to screw out backwards. Small and portable, the screwdriver is only 29.7mm at its narrowest and a net weight of only 185g. Designed with a comfortable handle, contoured to the shape of a hand which ensures stability. There are 6 different 50mm-long screw heads included in your purchase, each made of alloy steel with a hardness of up to 60HRC. The built-in power indicator flashes for 5 seconds when pressing the key if the power is lower than 20%.

Your purchase includes the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver, a charging cable, 6 screwdriver heads, a storage case and an instruction manual.

  • Built-in 1500mah lithium battery.
  • Manual and electronic modes.
  • Forward and backward functions, accessed via buttons.
  • 6 screw heads included - made of S2 alloy steel, up to 60HRC hardness.
  • Can drive 180 screws when fully charged.
  • Built-in power indicator.
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