Multitool Ruler Pen
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A multifunctional pen with a stylus at the end for using on touchscreen devices. But it gets better...The stylus tip unscrews to reveal a flat head screwdriver so that you can tighten glasses or undo screws with ease while out and about. It also has a ruler on the side displaying cm and inches, for quick measuring when you need. Also on the side of the pen is a spirit level, so that your hanging pictures can always be levelled and straight. And, of course, the pen has a retractable ballpoint tip for writing. Ink colour comes in black and blue, to suit you. The pen is made of plastic and aluminium and is 15.3cm long.

  • Stylus at the end.
  • Stylus unscrews to reveal a flat head screwdriver.
  • Cm/inch ruler and spirit level on side of pen.
  • Retractable ballpoint tip.
  • Black and blue ink colours available.
  • 15.3cm long.
  • Made of plastic and aluminium.
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