Pastel Colored Bookmark Stickers
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Great for placing on essential files or parts of a text to come back to, sticking in a book to mark your place, so you don't have to bend pages, or making small notes throughout the day. These bookmark stickers are a great addition to your home or office. They can easily be grabbed to write down points from an important phone call or to highlight your place when reading throughout the day.

The adhesive back makes for versatile and easy use. There are 5 stickers in the set, all different pastel colors, so you can color-code categories of things to do or types of text they are stuck to.

There are 20 sheets for each color, so 100 stickers in total. They will help you organise your personal and work life. Different colored sets are available.

  • Set of 5, 100 sheets in total.
  • All different pastel colors, for color coding.
  • Adhesive back.
  • Different colored sets available.
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