Petkit LED Glow Detachable Leash
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Combining functionality with style and comfort, this LED detachable leash is the ultimate accessory for dog walking.

The ergonomic handle is made from polycarbonate with a soft rubber grip so it's super comfortable to hold in your hand which is great for long walks.

The retractable leash is perfect for allowing your dog to have a bit more freedom when walking, and is easily retracted if walking into a new environment, walking close to other dogs or people, or when crossing the road. Simply hold the Leash by the handle and the smooth and durable retracting mechanism will keep the leash tight, giving you full control and enabling instant retraction of your dog when needed.

An inbuilt flashlight is perfect for walking in the dark and the LED glow on the handle will ensure you're able to be seen at night.

Simply recharge the glow leash in the magnetic charging dock.

  • 3m/4.5m nylon retractable leash.
  • Handle Size: 93 x 161 x 50 mm.
  • Charging dock Size: 169 x 64 x 30 mm.
  • TPE material.
  • Inbuilt LED.
  • Semi-automatic locking system.
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