Portable Essentials Sewing Kit
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Mend your clothes wherever you are with this handy portable sewing kit.

Contains all the necessary tools that are required for making basic repairs including needles, threads in a range of colours, a thimble, threader tools and scissors. With its magnetic design you don't need to worry about needles getting lost and everything else stays securely tucked in place.

The conveniently compact and lightweight storage box is great for travel and fits into your handbag incase of emergency repairs when on the go.

A great gift idea for all and a fantastic beginners kit for those learning the basics of manual sewing.

Available in a range of colours.

  • Size: 12.3x11x3.3cm
  • Material: PP, TPE
  • Multiple colours available
  • Contains threads, needles, measuring tape, a thimble and more!
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