RC Piper Plane
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This impressive RC plane is designed to take your flying experience to new heights. With a wingspan of 650mm, it provides exceptional stability and control while in the air. The 3D/6G flight system ensures that even novice pilots can take to the skies with ease. Crafted from foam material, this plane is incredibly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of all your aerobatic adventures. The 4-channel controller with MODE2 allows for precise control and maneuverability. With a remote distance range of 200m, you can fly this plane high and far. And with the included USB charger, you can quickly and easily recharge your plane between flights. Get ready to soar through the skies with this impressive RC Piper Plane.
  • 650mm wingspan for stability
  • 3D/6G flight system
  • Foam material for durability
  • 4-channel controller with MODE2
  • 200m remote distance range
  • Includes USB charger
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