Roll Up Waterproof Picnic Mat
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Picnics aren't much fun without something to sit on. This striped mat made of orlon and sponge combines comfort with durability and dryness, the bottom side is waterproof so it's perfect for the beach or if placing on damp ground, and it's super easy to clean - just shake off any dirt or sand and wipe down.

Convenient, practical and compact this picnic mat can easily be rolled up, carried and stored using the included faux leather strap belt. The perfect picnic companion, store one in the boot of the car and always be prepared.

  • 100% Waterproof base.
  • Orlon and sponge material.
  • Perfect for the park, beach, garden, sport events, camping and more.
  • Faux leather strap belt with handle.
  • Lightweight - easy to carry & store.
  • Available in 150 x 200 cm & 200 x 200 cm.
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