Silicon iPhone Case
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A luxury upgrade from the classic silicon case. Designed with a flexible silicone outer shell, and soft fabric interior to protect your phone. The case is dirt-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-dust. The 0.7mm, ultra-slim design means it isn't bulky and doesn't take up much room in your purse or pocket. The straight-edged design ensures a more comfortable and stable hold, and the camera protection design preserves your phone camera. There are silicone raised buttons for the volume buttons and power button, and a gap for the ring/silent switch. Compatible with many versions, from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 12Pro Max. Many different matte colors are available.

  • Flexible silicone outer shell.
  • Soft, fabric interior.
  • Compatible with iPhones 6 to12Pro Max.
  • Anti-scratch, anti-dust, dirt-resistant.
  • 0.7mm ultra-slim design.
  • Straight-edged design.
  • Silicone volume buttons and power button.
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