Soft Down Light Table Lamp
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Add ambience to your space with this unique USB rechargeable table lamp.

At the touch of a button you can choose the temperature of the light, warm light, white light or natural light, and hold down on the button to dim the light to your liking.

Made from aluminum and ABS, this lamp is durable and super lightweight, and available in black or white.

The lamp head rotates freely 40 degrees back and forth so you can increase the illumination, and it's also USB rechargeable so you can set up your lamp anytime, anywhere with ease.

Perfect for the home, office, on restaurant or cafe table tops, or even just to take camping with you. This lamp will provide you with beautiful ambient lighting wherever you are.

  • 19.5cm x 14cm size.
  • Touch switch.
  • USB rechargable.
  • Adjustable temperature & brightness.
  • Aluminum & ABS material.
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