Toddler Overalls
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Stylish overalls for your little one. Made of linen, these overalls are breathable and are comfortable for your child to wear. The overalls have two shoulder straps that cross at the back and attach by a knot through the front part. There are two pockets at the front, near the sides of the overall. There is another little pocket at the top on the front of the overalls. Stress-free, there are no stubborn zips or frustrating buttons you have to tackle when putting this on your children. Sizes available include 24 months and 3-6 years old. Several colors are also available.

  • 2-6 year-olds' sizes available.
  • Made of linen.
  • Breathable and soft.
  • Two shoulder straps, cross at back, secure at front.
  • 3 front pockets, no zips.
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