Ultrafine Face Cleansing Brush
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Gently and effectively break down and remove dirt from skin pores and skin areas with this face cleansing brush.

Features a dual cleansing head, a silicone bristle side and the other side has ultrafine soft bristles. Perfect for deep daily cleanses, soothing facial massages and for effortlessly loosening, lifting and removing dirt, oil, and make-up for clean, flawless looking skin.

Simply apply your facial cleanser to your face and use the brush to cleanse the forehead and cheeks in upward circular motions starting from the chin. Upgrade your skin care routine with this easy to use cleansing brush available in a range of colours.

  • Silicone & ABS material.
  • 4.7x12.6cm size.
  • 12.5x6x5cm size.
  • Multiple colours available.
  • Removes makeup, debris and dead skin.
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