Wall Mount Peg Board Shelf
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Keep your space organised and looking great at the same time with this customisable peg board. Made from PP plastic, this lightweight peg board can be mounted on the wall using the included double sided tape so you don't have to worry about putting holes in your walls.

The versatile shelving system allows you to adapt your space to your needs. Stack them together to expand your storage space, and mix and match colours to add your own stylistic touch. The pegs and shelves are removable so you can change up the layout whenever you like. Perfect for storing stationary, displaying plants and candles, hanging jewellery or showcasing collectables.

This peg board looks great in any room of the house whether it's the pantry, bathroom, bedroom, office or garage.

  • Includes 1 x hole board, 2 x shelves, 6 x pegs & wall tape.
  • Board size: 22 x 22 cm size.
  • Included shelf size: 22 x 8 cm & 11 x 8 cm.
  • Lightweight PP material.
  • Multiple colours available.
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