Waterproof Travel Wash Bag
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For those who hate travelling with a disorganised carry-on bag, this waterproof travel wash bag is made for you.

Designed to carry your toiletries, vanity items, and other small travel essentials, this wash bag will help tidy away your clutter and make the packing and unpacking experience much less of a hassle. Made from TPU fabric, it's easy to clean up in the case your foundation bottle accidentally breaks on your way to your destination.

Simple and functional in style, it's a must-have item to help you stay organised throughout your trip.

  • 10cm x 18cm x 6.5cm (small)
  • 12cm x 23cm x 9.5cm (large)
  • Weighs 70g (small)/100g (large)
  • Made from TPU fabric
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