Wax Seal Set
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Add a personal touch to your invitations, letters and thank you notes with this wax seal kit.

This set contains everything you need to seal your envelopes with love. Simply write out your invitations, place in the envelope, drip the melted wax onto the envelope tab and press the stamp to create an easy wax seal that will be loved by its recipient.

A unique and fun gift idea for all ages.

  • Seal material: metal brass
  • Seal size: 3cmx3cm
  • Long box set contains: 1x lacquer seal, 1x small white wax, 1x macaroon wax particles, 1x stainless steel spoon
  • Short box set contains: 2x lacquer wax strips, 1x lacquer seals
  • Random stamp pattern (can also be purchased separately)
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