Wireless Handheld Vacuum
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This USB powered handheld vacuum is super handy for cleaning up messes in hard to reach places. It easily sucks up dust, hair food crumbs and other debris with its different attachment nozzles. Great for the car and other remote locations where you wouldn’t have a larger vacuum available.

The 13kpa, 60k rpm motor makes quick work of any mess and elegant design you can leave on display, perfect for smaller apartments, office spaces or cars where space is a scarcity. Recessed LED lighting gently illuminates as you clean.

The lightweight design has a strong suction and low noise output. The double layered filter & reverse seal keeps out more pollutants and can be washed repeatedly or replaced. Recharge simply using any USB plug with the included USB-C charge cable in 2-3hrs, giving you 10-30mins of suction time.

  • Wireless, USB rechargeable
  • Includes 2 alternate vacuum heads
  • Lightweight minimal design
  • Strong 13kpa suction
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