Wood & Marble Spice Grinder
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If you're a keen cook then you know what a difference it makes adding fresh spices to your food. Featuring an adjustable grind setting, you can finely crush, mill and grind your favourite spices to perfection with this wood and marble spice grinder. With a fully detachable design, simply seperate the two pieces for easy refilling and cleaning.

Fresh spices last a lot longer than pre ground spices and this grinder seals your spices to lock in freshness, preventing moisture, dust and other undesirable residues on your table from entering.

Perfect for himalyan salt, seal salt, coarse salt, peppercorns, flaxseed, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, etc.

  • Adjustable grind setting.
  • Detachable for easy refilling & cleaning.
  • Wood, marble & stainless steel material.
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