Xiaomi Silicon Travel Bottles
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The perfect gift for any traveller, especially one who is tired of leaky, hard-to-use travel bottles. The soft, flexible silicon material can be folded easily, so you don't have to struggle to get the remaining contents out of the bottles. This saves time and waste. The shape of the bottles aren't bulky, so won't take up much room in your cosmetic bag. Easy to use, unscrew the lid of the bottle and pour your desired contents on the inside. Do the same when cleaning the bottles out. Secure the bottles after using by simply pressing the lid down, snapping shut. Each bottle set comes with one blue, one pink and one gray travel bottle.

  • Made of flexible silicon material.
  • Comes in a set with one blue, pink and gray travel bottle.
  • Space-saving shape.
  • Easy to use, refill and clean.
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